Populism is coming for Capitalism.

GameStop. Yes. The name you’ve probably heard by now has become a thing. So why is everyone talking about it?

The answer is their share price which has skyrocketed at a speed greater than the speed of a SpaceX. It has risen by a mammoth 8000% in last six months and majority of that in the past few days only.

Though the numbers of the company don’t really comply with this unrealistic surge. The sales are actually down by 22% Y-O-Y and EBITDA by a massive 66%.

So what happened? Did the market discount all…

‘Wish you many happy returns of the day. May your day be filled with lots and lots of joy, exuberance, and happiness. have a great year ahead.’

This is usually how we wish birthdays right. But what if I tell you that this message has a price tag associated with it. My quest for knowing about booming trends in the society led me to an article about this emerging new phenomenon.

So in short what happens is that you want to give a surprise to your your friend/loved ones by making a personalized message/video for them . But instead of doing that yourself you nominate a celebrity (of sorts) to do the same.

Now this person can be a micro-influencer, an emerging athlete, a sidekick of Alia Bhatt in some Bollywood flick or a fitness model. …

Overthinking is like constipation- it happens to everyone at some point. So if you were thinking you were the only one- you can stop right there. And especially if you are the achiever in the pack (which you are). It is nothing but a fundamental part of human nature to analyze people, situations, financial gains and losses, power struggles etc. But the important thing is to know when to let that itch go.

Why does it happen?

Short answer. Conversations. 9 out of 10 cases you’ll find yourself obsessing over a situation or interaction that went down with another person.

We all have this uncanny knack of getting stuck with some phrases and pondering over them.One such phrase was said by a late comedian, George Carlin. It has stuck with me since as long as I can remember.

I love, love individuals. I hate groups of people.”

Of course it’s also true that if there are a million minds who read this, there can, well, be two million interpretations of this statement. We can all apply our own brand of lens. But to me, this phrase makes perfect sense.

Many groups of people do many things. Good things. Bad things…

Chetan Chopra

Chetan is the male version of a drama queen and has been called a doofus umpteen times.

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